Advertising Policy

EarlyGame is owned and operated by online publisher and digital media agency, Esports Media GmbH, which is based in Munich, Germany. EarlyGame was started in September 2019 by the two serial founders Leopold Ingelheim and Fabian Furch with the vision to create one of the leading global news- and entertainment editorial websites and agencies for the global Gaming community.

To keep the website operative, invest in quality, well-researched as well as unique content, and ensure accessibility to as many global readers as possible, EarlyGame is ad-supported, i.e. display advertising. Nevertheless, the editorial team works entirely independently of the programmatic advertising partners. This means that advertising served to a given individual can vary greatly, so advertisements may not necessarily reflect the views of EarlyGame.

EarlyGame’s direct sales team is focused on selling direct deals with our partners. Every direct or indirect partnership is marked as sponsored. Throughout the content creation process EarlyGame’s content creation team has full ability to create the content asked for by the readers and without being influenced by advertising partners. Expertise, objectiveness, accuracy, and transparency are core tenets of the work created at EarlyGame.

In the selected cases that EarlyGame creates content on behalf of a sales partner, the respective content pieces are marked with "Sponsored". Also, where deemed helpful for the readers, EarlyGame may use affiliate links, which are clearly displayed. Affiliate links may allow the company to earn a small commission on sales attributed to clicks on those links.

The whole team of gaming experts works hard on a daily basis to create high quality, well-researched articles to bring the desired and needed content to the international gaming community. In case you find any mistakes in an article, please always feel free to mention it in the comments or report it to In case you are looking for partner with us, you can always contact us at

Dominique Netters

Europe based, freelance SWE. Making sure the EarlyGame platforms run stable. Might rewrite everything in COBOL for job security....