The Winners Of The EarlyGame Awards In Favour Of Laureus Sport for Good 2024 Powered By Memory PC

On February 25, 2024, the EarlyGame Awards took place for the fourth time in a row and honored streamers, esports players and esports teams! If you're curious to see which nominees you helped to win with your votes, here are the winners.

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This year, the EarlyGame Awards took place again for the benefit of Laureus Sport for Good, honoring the biggest and most successful streamers and esports athletes from Germany in 5 categories.

With a reach of several million and over 200,000 community votes, Germany's largest community-based streaming & gaming award has once again outdone itself. Donations for the benefit of Laureus Sport for Good also flowed well in 2024, not only because every donation had the chance to win a prize from our €10,000 prize pool.

Find out who had the strongest and most committed community below, because here are this year's winners!

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Our partners at the EarlyGame Awards for the benefit of Laureus Sport for Good, without whom none of this would have been possible

EarlyGame Awards In Favor Of Laureus Sport for Good 2024

As you might already know, you can also win something if you donate. Just like last year, the more you donate, the higher your chance of winning. For every €5, you get a ticket. So if you donate €10, you get two; if you donate €500, you get 50, etc.

Once again, a big thank you to our main sponsor Memory PC, as well asEuronics,DFS our streaming partner DeskYou and of course Laureus Sport for Good. Without you, none of this would have been possible.

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We have to thank Memory PC for this awesome gaming PC, so take the chance and donate some cash

A huge thank you also to everyone who donated to Laureus Sport for Good and for a good cause. Donations are still ongoing. So if you still want a chance to win an awesome gaming PC from Memory PC, then go for it! You have until 04.03.2024.

And now the moment you've all been waiting for: The winners of the EarlyGame Awards 2024!

This year, fans really went all out to support their favorites, and until the very end, it wasn't clear who would take home the coveted trophy. In the end, however, only one person per category can win, and we honor them here. Sure, there are five winners in total, but only one per category.

Non-MainStreamer of the Year

Let's start with this year's newcomer, the Non-MainStreamer of the Year! Even though they usually have fewer followers than our other candidates, the nominees here have built up strong communities through their love for specific games, and get huge suport.

Gewinner Non Mainstreamer
  1. Back2Warcraft
  2. Schwabbeltown
  3. H0llyLP

Upcoming Streamer of the Year

Here you'll find the streamers with the most growth, currently on the fast track to the top of Twitch! Growth is particularly important in this category, of course, and we naturally don't tolerate any shenanigans like botting, etc.

Gewinner Upcoming Streamer
  1. danielslump
  2. mertabimula
  3. BreitenBerg

Esports Player of the Year

When it comes to esports, the nominees here are the crème de la crème, players who bring home international titles and represent German esports worldwide. To clarify once again, the winner here hasn't necessarily collected the most titles or prize money, after all, you vote your favorites to victory. However, all the nominees here are successful representatives of their field and deserve to be honored as such!

Gewinner Esports Player
  1. Umut
  2. FabienneXIII
  3. Morten

Esports Team of the Year

Even though we just talked about outstanding esports players, in most competitive games, no single person is decisive for a team's success. The key to success is team spirit and cooperation, and the teams listed below have understood exactly that! Again, for your information, the team with the most votes won, not the one with the most titles, so if your favorite team didn't win, you'll have to vote more next year.

Gewinner Esports Team
  1. FOKUS Valorant Team
  2. Red Bull Leipzig FIFA Team
  3. Eintracht Spandau

Gamer of the Year

The poster child of the EarlyGame Awards is the GOTY. Eli has taken this thing home twice already, and every year, he's in a neck-and-neck race with his competitors. In this category, the biggest streamers in Germany battle it out, so it's no wonder that all eyes are on the outcome of this epic showdown.

Gewinner GOTY
  1. eliasN97
  2. HamedLoco
  3. xRohat

Congratulations to all the winners, and if you missed the award show, you can watch it here again:

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