New LoL Skins: All League of Legends Skins Released in 2024

Each year, Riot Games releases multiple skins for your favorite League of Legends champions. So, which new LoL skins will be added to the inventory this year?

Dragonmancer Kassadin
New LoL Skins: All League of Legends Skins Released in 2024. | © Riot Games

Cosmetics and visuals are an important part of League of Legends. Sure, the champions look cool and interesting, but a lot of players also want to flex their wealth by giving their favorite champions some new and unique looks, which is what skins are there for.

It's also the best and easiest way for Riot to make money off their free game, so with each and every patch there are at least a few new skins available. But, what skins has Riot released this year and which skins are they planning on bringing out in 2024?

LoL Skins Released In 2024

What Was The First LoL Skin Ever Made?

The first League of Legends skin ever made was "Rusty Blitzcrank." It was created as a joke by the development team and was essentially just a recolor of Blitzcrank's default skin with a rusty texture. This skin was later retired and is no longer available for purchase or use in the game.

After 2023, it looks like we’ve got around 1,500 unique skins in the game, but Riot isn't stopping there. There are still multiple skin concepts which Riot wants to explore and multiple Alternate Universes which Riot could fall back on in 2024 as well to add even more cosmetics into the game.

Hopefully we do get some more Mecha-skins in 2024, since there has been a clear lack of giant robot skins in the part year. There are also new concepts that have floated around like an ice-skating skin line.

Skin LineChampionsLoL PatchRelease Date
  • Rakan
  • Kassadin
  • Fiora
  • Vayne
LoL Patch 14.1January 10, 2024
Primal Ambush
  • Vi
  • Riven
  • Sivir
  • Talon
LoL Patch 14.2

January 24, 2024

Three Honors
  • Akshan
LoL Patch 14.2January 24, 2024
  • Ezreal
  • Janna
  • Lee Sin
  • Kai'Sa
  • Diana
  • Smolder
LoL Patch 14.3

February 7, 2024

  • Aurelion Sol
  • Darius
  • Graves
  • Morgana
  • Miss Fortune
  • Irelia
LoL Patch 14.4February 22, 2024
  • Tryndamere
LoL Patch 14.4February 22, 2024
  • Naafiri
  • Gangplank
  • Jax
LoL Patch 14.5

March 6, 2024

High Noon
  • Yone
  • Rell
  • Evelynn
  • Gragas
LoL Patch 14.6March 20, 2024

With these skins being confirmed, we also got a small glimpse of returning skin lines in the 'Look Ahead' video of LoL. Therefore, we can expect Faire Court, "as well as some well-loved thematics we haven't visited in a few years like PROJECT and Blood Moon."

On top of that, we also got a sneak peek on a Soraka skin that looked like a Farie Court skin, inspired by a dung beetle and its horn. Naafiri is also finally getting her well-deserved second skin with the PROJECT skin line in Patch 14.5. Zyra is certainly getting a Blood Moon skin sometime in later patches.

Which Champions Need Skins In 2024?

Alistar 0
Give our cow some new drip in 2024 Riot! | © Riot Games

There are some champions in League of Legends that have not received skins for a long time. Zilean and Dr. Mundo are two champions that had to wait over 1,000 days between skin releases, and they aren't the only ones Riot seems to have neglected. So, which champions deserve skins in 2024?

  • Skarner – Last skin, November 2020
  • Alistar – Last skin, February 2021
  • Braum – Last skin, June 2021
  • Corki – Last skin, July 2021
  • Rammus – Last skin, July 2021
  • Olaf – Last skin, September 2021

How Many Skins Will Riot Release In 2024?

Crystal Rose Seraphine
Riot might port over skins from Wild Rift to LoL again in 2024. | © Riot Games

Riot usually releases around 130 or 140 skins throughout the year. Therefore, they likely will have a similar amount of skins coming in 2024 as well. Riot also added in some new skin types like the Mythic Variants, which also count as new skins, but these are meant to be rare so we don't expect there to be too many of these released in 2024.

Prestige skins will also be making a return once again, with the first prestige of the year going to Rakan. So there is a lot of exciting new stuff to look forward to in 2024 when it comes to skins. Which champion should finally receive a prestige skin? I would love one for Cho'Gath.

Prestige Skins In 2024: Which Have Been Released?

Dragonmancer Rakan Prestige
More Prestige skins to be added in 2024! | © Riot Games

Prestige skins will be back in 2024 again and while we don't have the complete list of champions getting prestige skins yet, we will get more information on prestige skins soon. The first prestige of 2024 has already been revealed, though, and more are sure to follow.

In 2023, we had 13 Prestige Skins, and we expect a similar amount to be released this year, so get ready for some nice exclusive skins through the battle pass or the Mythic Shop.

Skin LineChampionLoL PatchRelease Date
DragonmancerPrestige Dragonmancer RakanLoL Patch 14.1January 10, 2024
HeavenscalePrestige Heavenscale EzrealLoL Patch 14.3February 7, 2024
PorcelainPrestige Porcelain KindredLoL Patch 14.4February 22, 2024
High NoonPrestige Evelynn

LoL Patch 14.6

March 20, 2024

No announcement yetPrestige Kayle--
No announcement yetPrestige Yuumi--
No announcement yetPrestige Leona--

Mythic Variants In 2024

Dark Cosmic Jhin 2023
Fans were not happy about the Mythic Variant Skins. | © Riot Games

In 2023 Riot introduced Mythic Variants as a new exclusive skin type which can only be obtained through an expensive gacha system. While the players have not embraced this yet, Riot is going to bring more Mythic Variants to the game in 2024, including one for Heavenscale Lee Sin.

What Is Gacha?

A gacha system in gaming is a mechanic where players spend in-game currency or real money to obtain randomized virtual items or characters, often with varying levels of rarity or power. It's commonly used in mobile games and encourages repeated spending to collect desired items.

The first Mythic Variant in 2023 was for Jhin, with Ekko receiving one as well. Yone is also going to be getting a mythic variant for his brand-new High Noon skin, just like Lee Sin who got one for his Heavenscale skin at the start of the 2024 season.

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