Metroid Prime 4: Curious Job Listing Hints At Imminent Release

Fans have been desperately waiting for news on the upcoming Metroid Prime 4. Well, a recent job posting could be the piece of news they've all been waiting for.

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Metroid Prime 4 seems closer than we might think. | © Retro Studios

In 2017, Nintendo revealed that a brand-new Metroid Prime game was in the works. It's been 7 years since then; we've had to go through a whole worldwide pandemic, and E3, where the initial announcement was made, literally died.

After many obstacles, it seems that the game is moving into the final stages though and should be released sooner rather than later. So, what has everyone so excited? Well, a curious job posting from Retro Studios has popped up which has players hopeful for an imminent release.

Metroid Prime 4 Release Could Happen Soon

Metroid prime
Metroid is so popular. | © Retro Studios

Metroid is one of the most famous Nintendo series, and it seems like Metroid Prime 4, a game fans have been patiently waiting for for a while now, might finally be inching towards an official release. On the Retro Studios website, a new job posting has been posted, which has players hopeful.

The studio is currently looking for an on-site product tester. The job is located in Austin, Texas and while at first Metroid Prime 4 isn't named, further down in the job posting Metroid Prime 4 is named.

Announced by Nintendo in January 2019, Retro Studios is currently in the midst of developing Metroid Prime 4 for the Nintendo Switch.

This seems like the game is more or less done and that Retro Studios is just finishing up and smoothing out the edges with a product tester who will spot some of the final mistakes and issues with the game. While this doesn't mean that the game will release within a week or so, it is a good sign for Metroid fans, because it means that the team is moving towards the final hurdle ahead of release.

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