The Gentlemen On Netflix – Do You Have To Watch The Movie First?

Guy Ritchie is back at it again – this time, he's trying his hand at a Netflix show, based on his own movie The Gentlemen. Here's everything you need to know about that, as well as the age-old question: do I need to watch the movie first?

The Gentlemen Netflix TN
The Gentlemen gets a show | © Netflix

Guy Ritchie: the man, the myth, the legend. With movies like Sherlock Holmes from 2009 or The Covenant from 2023, he's got his place in the "moviemaker Hall of Fame" for sure.

The Gentlemen was another pretty solid movie back from 2019 – remember that one? With big names like Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Hugh Grant and Colin Farrell? Exactly that one!

The story revolves around Mickey Pearson, an American expatriate who has built a highly profitable marijuana empire in London. When Mickey decides to retire and sell his business, chaos ensues as various criminal organizations and ambitious individuals attempt to seize control of his empire.

Now, Netflix has picked up the movie and made a show of it, releasing on March 7, 2024 with eight episodes. Is the movie basic knowledge to get into the show, though?

The Gentlemen On Netflix – Movie Or Show First?

The Gentlemen Netflix
Meet Eddie Horniman | © Netflix

This is Eddie Horniman. Apart from his rather unfortunate surname, the general Gentlemen audience might remember... that they don't remember him.

If you haven't seen the movie, that's good news for you – there's nothing you necessarily have to catch up on, you can dive right into another binge-watch on the weekend. I still highly recommend giving the movie a watch!

The show will tackle a whole new story to tell and you don't have to have seen The Gentlemen as a movie to join in on the fun – the premise is kind of similar, though, and there's still some... high society, so to speak:

THE GENTLEMEN sees Eddie Horniman (Theo James) unexpectedly inherit his father’s sizeable country estate - only to discover it’s part of a cannabis empire. Moreover, a host of unsavoury characters from Britain’s criminal underworld want a piece of the operation. Determined to extricate his family from their clutches, Eddie tries to play the gangsters at their own game. However, as he gets sucked into the world of criminality, he begins to find a taste for it.

Make sure to check out The Gentlemen on Netflix come March 7 to see where Eddie's taste for crime takes him.

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