Avatar: The Last Airbender Seasons 2 & 3 Confirmed By Netflix

Avatar: The Last Airbender is already a big hit on Netflix, reaching top rankings worldwide. Fans can now look forward to more, as Netflix has just announced the continuation with seasons 2 and 3.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 2 and 2 announced | © Netflix

Exciting news for Avatar: The Last Airbender fans! The recently released live-action reimagining is set to continue with Seasons 2 and 3. Since its recent premiere on February 22, the series has become a massive hit, claiming the top spot as the No. 1 English-language TV show with a whopping 41.1 million views in just 11 days and received an excellent rating of 80/100 at EarlyGame.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 2 & 3 Confirmed

Netflix has just announced the continuation of the live-action series "Avatar: The Last Airbender" with season 2 and 3.

The live-action adaptation follows Aang, the last Airbender, and his friends Katara and Sokka as they strive to restore balance in a world threatened by the imperialistic Fire Nation. Season 1 saw them achieving a hard-won victory against the Fire Nation, but ended with a massive cliffhanger in the season 1 finale.

Avatar last airbender s2 2
Season 2 and 3 have just been confirmed by Netflix | © Netflix

While there aren't any specific details about the upcoming seasons, the cast, including Daniel Dae Kim and Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, expressed their excitement about the unfolding drama and the desire to shoot Seasons 2 and 3 right away.

"I just had chills seeing Lizzy as Azula. You’ve got King Bumi in shackles, and it’s just like, ‘Oh, there’s so many cliff-hangers.’ I was like, ‘Oh, I want to shoot Season 2, 3 right now. ” ~ Paul Sun-Hyung Lee

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