Star Trek Picard: Season 4 Not Happening, But There's Room For A Spin-Off

Star Trek: Picard ended after three seasons 3 and fans are wondering if there are any plans for a season 4. Sadly, season 4 seems to be off the table, but apparently there's still room for spin-offs so you never know.

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Star Trek Picard Season 4: Here's what you need to know about a possible sequel. | ©Paramount

Star Trek: Picard is one of those shows where things only really started falling into place in the later seasons. So if you made it to the last episode of season 3, you're probably wondering how things are looking for Star Trek: Picard season 4 and if there are plans to continue the show. Sadly, that's not the case, but it looks like there is some room for spin-offs.

Star Trek: Picard Won't Continue With Season 4, But The Crew Could Return In A Possible Spin-Off

It seems unlikely that Star Trek: Picard season 4 will happen, but there's room for a spin-off. | © Paramount

In 2020, Akiva Goldsman, co-creator of Star Trek: Picard, stated that the series was intended to be a three-season show. They initially kept the door open for a fourth season, but only if CBS, Patrick Stewart, and the world wanted it, and that apparently wasn't the case... As we all know by now, the show finally ended with season 3 in April 2023.

However, the story still has tremendous potential to unfold further, suggesting that there's room for more even after the current run. It also seems like several cast members would be open to a Star Trek based future project, be it a movie or another series.

In fact, showrunner Terry Matalas already proposed the spin-off Star Trek: Legacy in which Seven Of Nine would become captain of the newly rechristened USS Enterprise-G and Jean-Luc Picard's son, Ensign Jack Crusher would meet Q. Sadly there are currently no plans from Paramount+ to actually develop Star Trek: Legacy.

Additionally, Patrick Stewart has always been pretty vocal about wanting one more movie to conclude the Story of Picard. As mentioned in several interviews, he would like to make a final movie directed by Jonathan Frakes, however, Paramount+ didn't show any interest in this idea so far as well.

As sad as it is, at the moment it doesn't look like Star Trek Picard will be continued any time soon. And while we hate to admit it, the longer Paramount+ isn't acting on any of the proposals, the less likely any potential spin-off or movie gets since the cast members are all very busy and aren't getting any younger...

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