Dune 3: Don't Make This Mistake When Switching To The Books

You've just watched Dune 2 and now you're curious how the story of Paul Atreides continues? Fortunately, you can easily find out by getting your hands on the books. However, you should be aware that plotwise, the books don't match the films.

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Want to know how the Dune saga continues? Then make sure to start with the right book. | © Warner Bros.

The sands of Arrakis whirl once more: Dune 2 has finally landed in theaters, drawing audiences back into the saga of power, betrayal, and prophecy. The sequel easily meets the high expectations of fans, continuing the exploration of Frank Herbert's monumental universe.

If you've just watched Dune 2, and now you're super curious about what will happen next, there's good news, because since the Dune saga is based on books, you can read ahead! So if you're eager to delve deeper into the saga, turning to Herbert's novels is the next logical step.

Dune 3: Don't Pick The Wrong Novel

When talking about the different Dune films and books, there's a twist in the journey from screen to page that you should be aware of before heading to your favorite bookstore. If you've only watched the movies, you might assume that to see what will happen in Dune 3, you must leap to the third book – this is actually wrong!

Dune 2
Denis Villeneuve's first Dune movie doesn't cover all of the first novel, which makes things a bit tricky when switching over to the books. | © Warner Bros.

The thing is that Denis Villeneuve's two Dune movies collectively cover the story of the very first Dune book, Dune . So to find out what happens after the events in the movie Dune 2, don't read the third book of Herbert's Dune novels, you'll want to grab the second book, called Dune Messiah , instead. This novel is where the story picks up after the events of Dune 2, delving deeper into Paul Atreides' journey and the consequences of what happened in Villeneuve's two Dune movies.

The fact that Villeneuve split the first book into two films caused a similar confusion when the first movie came out, resulting in people buying the second book and not understanding what is actually going on (I know very well what I'm talking about, sadly). So don't make this mistake; if you don't want to wait for Dune 3 (which hasn't actually been confirmed yet), just start reading Dune Messiah and not the third novel Children of Dune .

Dune Spin-off Series Coming

We don't know for sure whether a Dune 3 movie will ever be produced, but we are very optimistic, since Dune 2 is already super successful and likely to become the cinema hit of the year. And even if sadly don't get another movie, HBO separately is working on a spin-off series called Dune Prophecy, which is based on the Dune prequels "Great Schools of Dune" and supposed to premier in late 2024.

Also, and excitingly for gamers, a Dune MMO is in the works.

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