Honkai Star Rail: Upcoming Character Banners – Leaks & Reveals

Upcoming Limited Character Banners for Honkai Star Rail have been revealed – and leaks show even more to come. This allows us to make up our minds about which characters might be joining our team soon.

Hsr sparkle with mask
Honkai Star Rail banner leaks: Check out all the upcoming characters right here! | © HoYoverse

In Honkai Star Rail, you can choose between several free 4-Star characters and build a fantastic team to progress through the story. However, if you played for quite some time, you will gather a good amount of Stellar Jades as quest rewards or when leveling up your roster. You can use these Stellar Jades to wish on the Warp Banner and have a chance to get a limited 5-Star character.

In the following, the next few banner line ups will be revealed. At the end of the article, you can find super exciting news and leaked characters, who might make it into the game in the far future!

Honkai Star Rail: Upcoming Characters

Sparkle is a rather mysterious person who doesn't reveal much about herself, but when she does, you should always assume that it was all an act. Her life is a theatrical performance, and she loves nothing more than to slip into different roles and live life according to her very own rules.

📌 Sparkle Overview
Banner Start:February 29, 2024
Element & Path:Quantum / The Harmony
Pre Release Ranking:S+ Tier

All this makes her not only extremely exciting but also quite dangerous. Sparkle has many faces with which she makes people dance to her tune. She is not even slightly interested in money or her reputation, all she cares about is her very own form of show and amusement.

Honkai Star Rail: Leaked Upcoming Characters For Banner 2.0 And Beyond

Note: Honkai Star Rail follows the same update pattern as Genshin Impact does, in a six week rhythm with two separate phases and banners.

The ongoing second half of version 2.0 features Sparkle, and Jing Yuan as the rerun unit, and will end on March 21. Next up, we will have the second half of the 2.1 banner, featuring Aventurine and Acheron!

Honkai Star Rail: Banner 2.1

I know you all are going to love this one!

Acheron / HuangQuan

  • 5-Star
  • Lightning / NIHILITY
Hsr acheron splash art
Honkai Star Rail: Acheron's design looks pretty familiar, doesn’t it? | © HoYoverse

Until now, Acheron has been a rather rare guest in the Honkai Star Rail universe, and we still don't know much about her personally, let alone what her true intentions are. Acheron is part of the Galaxy Rangers, who belong to the path of the Hunt, however her kit is based on applying debuffs, which matches much more with the Nihility characteristics and path!

Acheron Ability Rundown

X refers to the multiplication depending on the character's level.

Basic ATK / ?

  • Deals Lightning DMG equal to X% of Acheron's ATK to a target enemy.

Skill / Octobolt Flash

  • Gains one point of "Slashed Dream." Inflicts one stacks of "Crimson Knot" on a single target enemy and deals Lightning DMG equal to X% of Acheron's ATK to them, as well as Lightning DMG equal to X% of Acheron's ATK to adjacent targets.

Ultimate / Slashed Dream Cries In Red

  • Sequentially unleash Rainblade three times and Stygian Resurge one time, dealing Lightning DMG up to X% of Acheron's ATK to a single target enemy, and deals Lightning DMG up to X% of Acheron's ATK to all other enemies.
  • Rainblade: Deals Lightning DMG equal to X% of Acheron's ATK to a single target enemy and removes up to 3 stacks of "Crimson Knot" on the target. When Crimson Knot is removed, immediately deal Lightning DMG equal to X% of Acheron's ATK to all enemies.
  • For every stack of Crimson Knot removed, the DMG Multiplier for this DMG application is additionally increased, up to an increase of X%.
  • Stygian Resurge: Deals Lightning DMG equal to 144% of Acheron's ATK to all enemies and remove all Crimson Knots. Crimson Knots cannot be applied to enemies during the Ultimate.

Talent / Atop Rainleaf Hangs Oneness

  • When Slashed Dream reaches nine points, the Ultimate can be unleashed.
  • During the Ultimate, deplete enemies' Toughness regardless of Weakness Types and reduce all enemies' All-Type RES by 25% until the end of the Ultimate.
  • When any unit inflicts debuffs on an enemy target while using an ability, Acheron gains 1 point of Slashed Dream and inflicts Crimson Knot on the enemy target. If it inflicts debuff on multiple enemies, 1 stack of Crimson Knot will be inflicted on the enemy with the most Crimson Knot stacks. This effect can be triggered up to 1 time per action.

Technique / Quadrivalent Ascendance

  • Immediately attacks the enemy, and gains Quadrivalent Ascendance at the start of every wave, dealing Lightning DMG equal to X% of Acheron's ATK to all enemies and reduces Toughness of all enemies irrespective of Weakness Types. When inflicting Weakness Break, triggers the Lightning Weakness Break effect.
  • Quadrivalent Ascendance: The next time Acheron uses her Ultimate, she gains 1 points of Slashed Dream and inflicts 1 stack(s) of Crimson Knot on a single random enemy.If a normal enemy is attacked, they will be immediately defeated and will not enter combat. The Technique Point is not spent if the attack does not hit an enemy.


  • 5-Star
  • Imaginary / PRESERVATION
Hsr aventurine splash art
Honkai Star Rail: Aventurine fits into Penacony so perfectly! | © HoYoverse

Aventurine is an executive of the Interastral Peace Corporation's (IPC) Strategic Investment Department and a member of the Ten Stonehearts. Due to his profession, he is pretty close to Topaz since they are basically coworkers, however, that does not mean that she likes him in particular ...

"They may be my colleagues, but we're not the same. Take Aventurine, for instance ... I sincerely hope you never have to deal with him." – Topaz about Aventurine

Aventurine Ability Rundown

X refers to the multiplication depending on the character's level.

Basic ATK / ?

  • Deals X% of Aventurine's DEF as Imaginary DMG to an enemy target.

Skill / ?

  • Privides all allies with an exclusive shield, which can absorb DMG equal to X% of Aventurine's DEF. The shield can come with a random suit, which lasts for X rounds.
  • When he uses his skill again, it will refresh any suit except Spades, and provide all allies with increased shield value, shiel cannot absorb more than X% of Aventurine's DEF + X.

Ultimate / ?

  • Randomly gain 1 to X points of energy, then deal Imaginary DMG equal to X% of Aventurine's DEF.

Talent / ?

  • When allies under the exclusive shield gets attacked, Aventurine will accumulate energy, a Spades shield will accumulate X energy, any other suits will only accumulate 1 energy.
    When energy points reaches 6, Aventurine will refresh all suits of all allies and increase his own DEF by X%.

Technique / ?

  • In the next battle, Aventurine receives a shield equal to X% of Aventurine's DEF, also increasing the chances of being attacked by enemy target, this lasts for X turns.


  • 4-Star
  • Fire / ABUNDANCE
Hsr gallagher splash art
Honkai Star Rail: Gallagher will be our first 4-Star Fire Abundance character! | © HoYoverse

Gallagher is a security officer of the Bloodhound Family at Penacony. He is also a slovenly and indolent mixologist. Though unorganized in apparel and casual in how he makes his drinks, he is always courteous toward guests but keeps his vigilance about him.

Gallagher Ability Rundown

X refers to the multiplication depending on the character's level.

Basic ATK / ?

  • Deals X% of Gallagher's ATK as Fire DMG to a target enemy.

Enhanced Basic ATK / ?

  • Deals X% of Gallagher's ATK as Fire DMG
  • Reduces the target enemy's ATK by X turns.

Skill / ?

  • Heals a target ally for X% of Gallagher's ATK.

Ultimate / ?

  • Upon activation, enhances Gallagher's Basic ATK and inflicts a debuff on an enemy that boosts Weakness Break DMG for X tuns.
  • While the Ultimate is active, the characters who attack the weakend enemy will be healed by X% of Gallagher's ATK. If Gallagher is the one attack, all team mates will be healed.

Talent / ?

  • Still unknown, will be added soon.

Technique / ?

  • Still unknown, will be added soon.

Honkai Star Rail: Leaked Characters

There are even some leaked characters, that could potentially make it into to game in the very far future. All the information on this list is not confirmed so take them with a big grain of salt!


  • 5-Star
  • Imaginary / ERUDITION
Hsr screwllum header
Honkai Star Rail: Another member of the Genius Society! | © HoYoverse

The Mechanical Aristocrat Screwllum I, or simply known as Screwllum, is the 76. member of the Genius Society. Next to that, he is living on the Planet "Screwllum", which he is the ruler of. We could get a pretty good look at him, during the Starhunt Game event, where he was a part of.

Screwllum Ability Rundown

X refers to the multiplication depending on the character's level.

Basic ATK
/ ?

  • Deals X% of Screwllum's ATK as Imaginary DMG to a target enemy.

Skill / ?

  • Deals Imaginary DMG equal to X% of Screwllum's ATK to a designated enemy.
  • Also deals Imaginary DMG equal to X% of Screwllum's ATK to its adjacent targets.

Ultimate / ?

  • Has X% base chance to reduce the enemy target's Imaginary RES by X% for X turns dealing Imaginary DMG equal to X% of Screwllum's ATK to the entire enemy party.

Talent / ?

  • When attacking enemies with debuffs, add "Diffusion Mark" to the enemy.
    → When Screwllum casts the skill, if the target has "Diffusion Mark" it triggers an Follow-Up Attack consuming its mark to deal Imaginary DMG equal to X% of Screwllum's ATK, and deals imaginary DMG equal to X% of Screwllum's ATK to its adjacent targets.
  • Each time it deals damage to an adjacent target if it has a "Diffusion Mark" it consumes the to deal diffuse damage.
  • You can't apply "Diffusion Mark" on enemies with follow-up attack.

Technique / ?

  • Immediately attacks the enemy, dealing Imaginary DMG equal to X% of Screwllum's ATK to all enemy targets after entering the battle, Applies a stack of [Diffusion Mark] to all enemies.

Screwllum's Light Cones will be called X and increases the wearers CRIT rate by X%. When the wearer deals damage to an enemy afflicted with debuffs, the DMG dealt will be increased by X%.


  • 5-Star
  • Imaginary / HARMONY
Hsr stelle
Honkai Star Rail: Trailblazer as a supporting Imaginary character would be a great addition to the roster. | © HoYoverse

As we already know it from Genshin Impact, the main character is best at collecting all available elements or, as for Honkai Star Rail, all paths. Next up seems to be the Harmony trailblazer! Is it just me or why can’t I imagine Stelle as a support? ...

Trailblazers Ability Rundown

Basic ATK / ?

  • Deal s Imaginary DMG to a single target based on ATK / ?

Skill / ?

  • Grants a single ally with Blessing permanently. When used again, Blessing will be moves to the newest target. / ?

Ultimate / ?

  • Increases Break Effect of all allies based on the Trailblazer's Break Effect. Last for unkown turns. / ?

Passive Part 1 / ?

  • .When the Blessed ally uses a skill on an enemy the Trailblazer immediately deals DMG to that enemy based on the Trailblazer's ATK. This DMG follows the element type of the Blessed ally and deals Toughness DMG of that type. / ?

Passive Part 2 / ?

  • When the Blessed ally breaks enemy's weakness, the Trailblazer deals DMG to that enemy based on 250 % of the enemy's toughness. The DMG formula is: Damage = 2.5 * Enemy Toughness * Weakness-Break Bass DMG / ?

Passive Part 3 / ?

  • When an enemy's weakness is broken, they will receive a Special Toughness Bar whose length scales with their original Toughness. The Speical Bar can be reduced just like the ordinary bar but replenishes itself instantly upon breaking. When the Special Bar is broken, the enemy receives the same Break DMG and Break Effects (i.e. Frozen, Bleed). When the enemy recovers from state, the Special Bar will be removed

Sam & Firefly

  • 5-Star
  • Fire / DESTRUCTION (questionable)
Hsr firefly with fireworks
Honkai Star Rail: Sam & Firefly will be one person! | © HoYoverse

Sam & Firefly will be the next addition to the Stellaron Hunter crew and to be precise, they actually are the very first one right after the founder Elio! Sam is also the one, who is responsible that Kafka and Blade joined this organization just 2 years after it has been created.

We already got to know Firefly during the 2.0 main story, and spend a lot of time with her. In the most recent leaks, you can fin out, that Sam & Firefly are actually the same person. You will be able to control Firefly in the overworld to walk around. When activating her Technique, she will transform into Sam.

Position on the team:
→ DPS / AOE Damage / Self Buffer / Self Healer

Unfortunately, Sam and Firefly's kit hasn’t been revealed as of right now, however, you should not forget check in once in a while, since we will update this section as soon as we have gathered more information.


  • 5-Star
  • unknown
Hsr boothill
Honkai Star Rail: There is no official picture of Boothill, but look at this AMAZING fanart of him! | © HoYoverse | © Tu0fu via X

Boothill will be a quite special character and is definitely up to no good! He will bring us a lot of trouble during the quests, and he seems like an all around bad guy. Visually, he's like a modern cowboy!

Boothill Ability Rundown

X refers to the multiplication depending on the character's level.

Skill / ?

  • Triggers a Duel mode against an enemy, which increases his ATK and generates a Bullet when the target is defeated or afflicted with the Weakness Break effect.
  • If the opponent attacks before either, they will steal the ATK buff instead. Once Boothill obtains five Bullets, he gains an extra turn and can unleash an Enhanced Basic ATK that shoots all of them, each doing more damage.

Ultimate / ?

  • Upon casting the ability, he deals increased Break DMG while delaying the enemy's turn. It might also make the target vulnerable to Physical DMG.

Unfortunately that is everything we know about his kit so far, but we will update the missing bits as soon as we find new information!


  • 5-Star
  • unknown
Hsr robin
Honkai Star Rail: His design looks super clean! Yes, he is the guy in the back!) | © HoYoverse

Sunday has been introduced during the 1.6 Special Program livestream and it seems like he is the leader of a faction called "The Family" on Penacony. Other than that, there is not much known about his personality or his kit, however, we do know that he is Robin's brother and cares deeply for her.


  • 5-Star
  • Physical (?) / Harmony
Hsr robin and sunday
Honkai Star Rail: Robin looks almost like an Idol to me! | © HoYoverse

Robin was first leaked in one of HoYoverse's 1.6 trailers and ever since then, the Star Rail community has completely fallen for her design. There is not much to say about her as of right now, other than that she lives on Penacony and that she is probably the best singer in the entire Star Rail universe.

La Tiao

  • 4-Star
  • Wind / HARMONY

La Tiao Ability Rundown

X refers to the multiplication depending on the character's level.

Basic ATK / ?

  • Deals Wind DMG equal to X% of La Tiao's ATK to s single enemy.

Skill / ?

  • Deals X% Wind Damage
  • 100% base chance to reduce their Wind resistance by X%.

Ultimate / ?

  • Friendly units move forward by X% and increase the attack power of its next attack or technique by X%.

Talent / ?

  • At the end of the round, advance the action of other friendly units by X%.

Da Huo Ji

  • 4-Star
  • Physical / ABUNDANCE

Da Huo Ji Ability Rundown

X refers to the multiplication depending on the character's level.

Basic AKT / ?

  • Deals Physical DMG equal to X% of Da Huo Ji's ATK to a single enemy.

Skill / ?

  • Reply X% point(s) of energy to our monomer.

Ultimate / ?

  • Deals Physical DMG equal to X% of Da Huo Ji's ATK to a single enemy and restores the unit with the lowest current Life Value to a value of X% chance to stun the enemy for a period of time. X% chance to stun the enemy for X turns.

Talent / ?

  • When using a battle technique, a target's energy regain overflow of X% will revert your own enegry.

This is it for the still really fresh character leaks! Who knows which of them will make it into the game but some sound quite interesting!

Those were all the characters and banners for upcoming versions of the game. Looks like a pretty mixed roster to me! Who do you like the most or consider pulling for?

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