LoL Patch Schedule 2024: All Release Dates In Season 14

League of Legends is a pretty old game by now. We are on Season 14 already and this year there are quite a lot of changes that will freshen up the game. But when will the balance patches come out this year?

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LoL Patch Schedule: The Patch dates for 2024 are out! | © Riot Games

Another year and another set of patches has come our way. As with every year, Riot is looking to bring out new patches almost every two weeks, with a few exceptions, to make sure the game continuously runs smoothly and that we don't have the same meta for too long.

There are a few longer patches as usual, but 2024 is looking set to have a similar patch schedule to the previous years. So, which patch is currently live, and when can you expect the big updates in League of Legends next year?

LoL Patch Schedule 2024: What Is The Current Patch?

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Where are we on the patch schedule right now? | © Riot Games

We are currently on LoL Patch 14.5. While this patch is a bit of a filler patch between events, it does have some major champion adjustments for Rek'Sai and Seraphine planned. The patch will also try and balance AP Assassin items better to make them more impactful and give players more variety in their builds.

All Patch Release Dates for LoL in 2024

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Here are all the patch dates for 2024. | © Riot Games

In total, Riot is going to have 24 patches once more in 2024, and have even already revealed when Season 15 is going to begin!

This year, Riot is going to be splitting the ranked season into three splits, which means that we are going to have multiple ranked rewards in 2024 and the grind to reach Gold or play enough ranked to earn rewards is going to be a bit steeper.

Ranked Split 1:

PatchPatch Release DateWeekday
LoL Patch 14.1January 10, 2024Wednesday
LoL Patch 14.2January 24, 2024Wednesday
LoL Patch 14.3February 7, 2024Wednesday
LoL Patch 14.4February 22, 2024Thursday
LoL Patch 14.5March 6, 2024Wednesday
LoL Patch 14.6March 20, 2024Wednesday
LoL Patch 14.7April 3, 2024Wednesday
LoL Patch 14.8April 17, 2024Wednesday
LoL Patch 14.9May 1, 2024Wednesday

Ranked Split 2:

PatchPatch Release DateWeekday
LoL Patch 14.10May 15, 2024Wednesday
LoL Patch 14.11May 30, 2024Thursday
LoL Patch 14.12June 12, 2024Wednesday
LoL Patch 14.13June 26, 2024Wednesday
LoL Patch 14.14July 17, 2024Wednesday
LoL Patch 14.15July 31, 2024Wednesday

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Ranked Split 3 will likely start around LoL Patch 14.18 if we go by the start date of Split 2. It would definitely make sense to have the split kick off in September until the end of the year.


Patch Release Date


LoL Patch 14.16August 14, 2024Wednesday
LoL Patch 14.17August 28, 2024Wednesday
LoL Patch 14.18September 11, 2024Wednesday
LoL Patch 14.19September 25, 2024Wednesday
LoL Patch 14.20

October 9, 2024

LoL Patch 14.21October 23, 2024Wednesday
LoL Patch 14.22November 6, 2024Wednesday
LoL Patch 14.23November 20, 2024Wednesday
LoL Patch 14.24December 11, 2024Wednesday

When Do The Ranked Splits Start In Season 14?

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Here to answer all your patch questions. | © Riot Games

Ranked, as mentioned already, is going to have three different splits in 2024. The first ranked split is already live since LoL Patch 14.1, which was on January 10, 2024.

The second ranked split will start sometime on May 15, 2024 and we predict that the final Ranked split will come in September either in LoL Patch 14.18 or Patch 14.19.

When Does The Preseason Start In 2024?

There is no official preseason anymore in League of Legends. With the introduction of multiple splits, players can now play ranked throughout all of the year. The preseason is going to be only played on the PBE and then will go live with LoL Patch 15.1, which will be in 2025.

Why Are There Patch Updates Every 2 Weeks?

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All about the patch! | © Riot Games

By patching every two weeks – almost, there are also a few times a year when a patch takes three weeks – Riot Games is able to quickly make adjustments whenever needed. This way, the balance team can keep the game fresh and not feel overly repetitive.

Before a patch goes live, players get to test all the upcoming changes, as well as upcoming skins and other system changes on the PBE server. Through this data, the balance team can make a few more adjustments accordingly before shipping any patch.

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