Nintendo Plays It Safe: Switch 2 Not Releasing Until 2025 To Avoid Repeating Sony's Mistakes

Empty shelves, sold-out online stores and frustrated gamers — a lot went wrong with the launch of the PS5. With the new Switch generation, Nintendo wants to avoid exactly that. That's why the new console isn't expected until 2025.

Nintendo switch oled model
The OLED version of the Switch was released in 2021. | © Nintendo

Although Nintendo has yet to officially comment on a new Switch, the rumor mill is already churning. After all, it's already been seven years since the Switch was released in 2017 — so it's about time.

Despite initial reports that the Switch successor would be released this year, new reports suggest that the console will not be launched until 2025.

Why is Nintendo Delaying The Release Of The Switch 2?

According to Nikkei, Nintendo wants to learn from the mistakes of the past. This refers both to its own mistakes, as the Nintendo Switch has been plagued by supply bottlenecks in recent years, as well as the prime example of Sony, which was unable to deliver enough consoles after the release of the PS5. Any console warrior will be reluctant to remember this, as it was a huge pain to get a PS5 console for years.

Nintendo wants to make sure that they have enough consoles ready for the upcoming rush for the new Switch. This will also allow enough time for the development of new software so that we can play some fresh titles at launch.

How realistic is a release next year?

As mentioned above, what we have so far is just speculation. Nintendo has not officially confirmed any information about a new Switch console. However, sales of the Switch are slowly but surely declining, and it would be time for a new model. We'll just have to be patient until an official announcement is made — and just play through our favorite Switch games one more time.

Johanna Goebel

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