Roguelite Sensation Hades Comes To Netflix Games, But Not For Everyone

Great news for action rogue-like fans! The top hit dungeon crawler, Hades, will be available on Netflix games. However, not everyone will be able to play it.

Hades cover
Fight your way through underworld dungeons. | © Supergiant Games

Hades is one of the top ranked games on Steam with over 200,000 reviews and a 98% rating. Publisher Supergiant Games describes it as a "god-like rogue-like dungeon crawler" where you play as Hades' son, Zagreus, who is trying to escape the underworld and reach the Olympus.

Hades will be featured on Netflix Games in March

Supergiant Games and Netflix have just announced that Hades will be coming to Netflix Games at the end of March. So this is great news for everyone who has a Netflix subscription and wants to try out the game for free, right? ...right? Not quite. In fact, the rogue-like can only be played by IOS users with an iPhone or iPad updated to OS 16 or higher.

Hades lgbtq
Hades coming to Netflix? Sign me up! | © Supergiant Games

On iOS, Hades offers fully customizable touch controls for a personalized gaming experience. In addition, players can effortlessly pair a Bluetooth controller for a console-like feel. Cloud saves and achievements are also supported for added convenience and challenge.

And Android users? Well, bad news: Right now, Supergiant Games and Netflix don't seem to have any plans to work on an Android version of Hades. But who knows what the future holds. Until then, you can buy Hades for PS5 , Xbox or Nintendo Switch .

Johanna Goebel

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