League of Legends Patch 14.6 Patch Notes Preview: All Upcoming Buffs & Nerfs On The PBE Server

LoL Patch 14.5 just released and now it's time to check out the future patch notes for Patch 14.6. What does Riot have planned for us?

High Noon Peacemaker Yone Mythic Chroma Splash
LoL Patch 14.6 Patch Notes: Yone's $200 skin is also going to be available. | © Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 14.6 is going to be an interesting new patch, with an upcoming in-game event, another mythic variant skin no one asked for and more than enough item changes to keep everyone happy... or ruin their day.

The patch is going to be released soon and it will feature some cool new cosmetics from High Noon. But other than cosmetics, what else does Riot have planned for the community in this patch?

League of Legends Patch 14.6 Patch Notes Preview: Item Changes

High Noon Evelynn
Time for some item component nerfs. | © Riot Games

Riot is going to be adjusting some items and one part of the build that they're looking to is lethality, which has become overtuned. ADCs have stopped building regular crit items and have opted into buying lethality instead, thanks to the early power the component items give them.

Item Nerfs

Spectre's Cowl

  • Rejuvenation Bead added to recipe
  • Health reduced from 250 to 200
  • Health regen reduced from 150% to 100%
  • Health regen duration is now flat, instead of based on damage taken


  • Lethality reduced from 8 to 5


  • Cost increased from 1100 to 1150

Serrated Dirk

Zed gallery
Less Lethality in the early game for some champions. | © Riot Games
  • Lethality reduced from 10 to 7

Haunting Guise

  • AP reduced from 35 to 30

Fiendish Codex

  • AP reduced from 35 to 25

Caufield's Warhammer

  • AD reduced from 25 to 20

Bami's Cinder

  • Base Damage from 12 to 13
  • Health ratio reduced from 1% bonus HP to 0.5%

Item Buffs

Verdant Barrier

  • Cost reduced from 1800 to 1700

Item Adjustments

Steel Sigil

Midnight Ahri
Verdant Barrier is going to be a bit cheaper. | © Riot Games
  • Second cloth armor added to recipe

Hearthbound Axe

  • Cost reduced from 1200 to 1150
  • AD reduced from 20 to 15

Glacial Buckler

  • Cost increased from 900 to 950
  • Glowing Mote added to recipe

High Noon Event In LoL Patch 14.6

High Noon Gragas
Gragas is getting a brand-new skin. | © Riot Games

This League of Legends patch is also going to feature another in-client event. The event will be centered around the High Noon skins which are also going to release in this League of Legends patch. There will be a prestige skin to earn, as well as a $200 mythic variant... but let's not talk about that.

High Noon has become one of the most popular skin lines with also a huge cast of champions, so it'll be cool to see how this event differentiates itself from previous High Noon events in League of Legends.

Mythic Shop Rotation in Patch 14.6

Crystalis Indomitus Kha Zix
The new mythic skin line will have Kha'Zix as the first champion. | © Riot Games

This League of Legends patch is also going to have a mythic shop rotation with some new prestige skins getting added, as well as the new mythic skin line – Crystalis Indomitus.

  • Prestige PsyOps Ezreal - 150 ME
  • Prestige Winterblessed Warwick - 125 ME
  • Prestige Dragonmancer Volibear - 150 ME
  • Prestige Space Groove Nami - 150 ME
  • Dark Star Cho’Gath - 100 ME
  • Hextech Renekton - 100 ME
  • Crystalis Indomitus Kha’Zix - 100 ME

New Skins In League of Legends Patch 14.6

High Noon Rell
Rell in High Noon? A match made in heaven. | © Riot Games

As already mentioned, High Noon is coming back in LoL Patch 14.6. This time around four champions are getting skins, with Evelynn also receiving an event prestige while Yone is showing off his popularity once again by receiving his second legendary skin as well as a mythic variant. Yone mains going broke with this patch, eh?

  • High Noon Rell
  • High Noon Gragas
  • High Noon Yone (Legendary)
  • High Noon Evelynn
  • High Noon Evelynn Prestige Edition (Event Tokens)

The Evelynn prestige is going to be available for 2,000 Tokens in the event shop. The other skins, other than Yone will be 1350 RP for purchase.

The patch is set to release on March 20, 2024. Time just flies, eh? We are already in Patch 14.6, with LoL Patch 14.10 is going to be the kickoff for the second ranked split of the year. We're already over halfway through the first ranked split. Crazy, eh?

Sabrina Ahn

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