LoL Patch 14.6: Riot Reveals Upcoming Crystallis Indomitus Kha'Zix Mythic Skin

The newest mythic skin line has been revealed, and now the first champion is going to be added to the game in LoL Patch 14.6.

Crystalis Indomitus Kha Zix
Finally Kha'Zix gets a unique new skin. | © Riot Games

Kha'Zix isn't the most popular jungler in the game, but he is a solid pick and extremely fun in a solo queue environment. Players can just one-shot any squishy opponent with this champion and so it makes sense that Riot is going to make a skin for him in the unique crystal-themed skin line Crystallis Indomitus.

With Crystalis Motus, the previous mythic skin line, getting retired in the upcoming LoL patch, it's time to look at the "darker side" of this universe and Kha'Zix is the first champion of three to get a skin here.

LoL Patch 14.6: Crystalis Indomitus Kha'Zix Revealed On Public Beta Environment

Crystalis indomitus khazix concept art
This is what the champ will look like in game. | © Riot Games

The Public Beta Environment is where League of Legends players can test out content before it hits live servers. The PBE is usually one patch ahead of live servers, which means anything that can be tested should hit live servers within 2 weeks.

The newest mythic skin has also just been added, with Crystalis Indomitus now being part of the mythic skin line. There are going to be three Crystalis Indomitus skins in total which Riot is going to release. The best part? For once, it's not just the hot men and women of League getting some love.

First on the list is Kha'Zix who will have his skin in the mythic shop until June 2024. Xerath and Nautilus will follow before we move onto a brand-new mythic aesthetic.

What Makes Crystalis Indomitus Different From Crystalis Motus?

Crystalis Motis Taliyah
Taliyah's skin was so beautiful. I hope it comes back soon in the shop. | © Riot Games

These two skin lines are part of the same universe, but they take different approaches to the crystal theme.

Crystalis Indomitus explores the twisted half of Crystalis Motus: the untamed wilds to the north of civilization. There, creatures do not wield the crystals, but are wielded by it, fully consumed by its power, with hardly a memory of their past life.

So, while the skins are related in an overarching theme they are not the same at all. It's an interesting twist to have the crystals also be "evil" in a way. And the fact that champions like Kha'Zix can get some love this way is also amazing.

The Crystalis Indomitus Kha'Zix skin will be available in LoL Patch 14.6 on March 20, 2024.

Sabrina Ahn

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