Modern Warfare III Season 2: Reloaded Update (March 6) | Patch Notes

You can find the latest patch notes for the most recent Modern Warfare 3 update below. We always focus on the buffs, nerfs and gameplay changes in our patch notes, rather than addressing new content.

MW3 Patch Notes
Here are the latest patch notes for Modern Warfare 3/III. | © Activision

Sledgehammer are trying to win over the hearts of CoD players, and so they've undone all the most unpopular changes made by IW last year. But if they want to keep the goodwill of the community for very long, they will need to keep making great decisions for MW3 throughout its lifecycle. And that starts with regular, intelligent balancing changes.

In this article we have the full patch notes, the patch size and a short guide on when you can expect future patches. Let's dig in and see if the latest buff and nerfs in MW3 make any sense!

Modern Warfare 3 Season 2: Reloaded Update (March 6) | Patch Size

This patch is about 19 GB across all platforms because it contains a lot of new content for Season 2: Reloaded. Remember, we're getting new map variants of Skidrow and Terminal, a remaster of Vanguard's Das Haus, and a lot of new skins. It also introduces some bug fixes.

The game is obnoxiously big, but at least you can delete all of MWII now.

MW3 Update Today Patch
Here are the buffs and nerfs from the latest MW3 update. | © Activision

Modern Warfare 3 Season 2: Reloaded Update (March 6) | Patch Overview

Here is a short overview of some of the changes they have made in the latest patch:

  • More improvements to aiming should promote "crack aiming" (during ADS crosshair will now transition directly to the center of the player’s screen).
  • Buffs: Sidewinder, Bruen Mk.9
  • Nerfs: BP50, SVA 545, BAS-B, Ram-9

We focus on balancing changes and bug fixes when addressing each patch, not content.

Modern Warfare 3 Season 2: Reloaded Update (March 6) | Patch Notes


  • Upon aiming down sight, the crosshair will now transition directly to the center of the player’s screen rather than easing into position.

Weapons & Attachments

» Assault Rifles «

  • BP50

    • Increased minimum hipfire spread from 2.2deg/s to 2.4deg/s (+9%).

    • Increased maximum hipfire spread from 6.3deg/s to 6.7deg/s (+6%).

    • Increased tactical stance spread from 2.8deg/s to 2.9deg/s (+4%).

    • Increased aim down sight time from 220ms to 230ms (+5%).

    • Decreased aim down sight movement speed from 3.4m/s to 3m/s (-12%).

    • Increased horizontal recoil from 10.6deg/s to 15.6deg/s (+48%).

    • Decreased vertical recoil from 44.4deg/s to 42deg/s (-5%).

    • Forbearer Heavy Stock

      • Increased recoil gun kick benefit from 11% to 16%.

    • Moat-40 Stock

      • Decreased aim down sight time benefit from 7% to 2%.

  • SVA 545

    • Decreased sprint to fire time from 210ms to 189ms (-10%).

    • Decreased aim down sight time from 250ms to 230ms (-8%).

» Battle Rifles «

  • BAS-B

    • Decreased maximum damage from 39 to 38 (-3%).

    • Decreased near-medium damage from 33 to 32 (-3%).

    • Decreased maximum damage range from 35.6m to 30.5m (-14%).

    • Decreased near-medium damage range from 43.2m to 40.6m (-6%).

  • Sidewinder

    • Decreased recoil intensity during sustained fire slightly.

    • A90 Venom Stock

      • Decreased recoil gun kick penalty from 16% to 5%.

    • RB Rapidstrike Grip

      • Increased aim down sight time benefit from 9% to 11%.

      • Decreased recoil control penalty from 10% to 4%.

  • MTZ-762

    • JAK Heretic Carbine Kit

      • Decreased horizontal recoil from 11.9deg/s to 9.4deg/s (-21%).

      • Increased vertical recoil from 47.1deg/s to 47.9deg/s (+2%).

      • Incompatible Underbarrel Attachments can no longer be equipped.

» Submachine Guns «

  • RAM-9

    • Speedway v5 Short Barrel

      • Decreased aim down sight speed penalty from 15% to 10%.

      • Increased recoil gun kick benefit from 4% to 9%.

      • Increased recoil control benefit from 8% to 12%.

    • FSS Imperator Light Barrel

      • Increased damage range benefit from 12% to 20%.

      • Increased bullet velocity benefit from 15% to 20%.

    • Boreal-6C Suppressed Barrel

      • Decreased bullet velocity penalty from 20% to 12%.

      • Decreased damage range penalty from 20% to 12%.

  • AMR9

    • JAK Ettin Double Barrel Kit

      • Bullets are now fired in a vertical column rather than a randomized spread.

  • WSP-9

    • Decreased minimum standing hipfire spread from 2deg/s to 1.8deg/s (-10%).

    • Decreased maximum standing hipfire spread from 6.2deg/s to 5.6deg/s (-10%).

    • Decreased tactical stance spread from 3.4deg/s to 3.1deg/s (-9%).

  • Rival-9

    • JAK Headhunter Carbine Conversion

      • Increased near-medium damage range from 30m to 45.7m (+38%).

  • PDSW 528 (MWII)

    • Improved alignment of the default iron sight optic.

  • Lachmann Sub (MWII)

    • Increased maximum damage range from 8.9m to 15.2m (+71%).

    • Increased near-medium damage range from 16.5m to 20.6m (+25%).

    • Increased medium damage range from 23.1m to 31m (+30%).

    • Increased far-medium damage range from 36.1m to 40.6m (+13%).

» Shotguns «

  • Lockwood 680

    • Barrel Attachments

      • Damage pellet count now remains at 6, regardless of ammo capacity.

» Light Machine Guns «

  • Pulemyot 762

    • Increased strength of aim down sight idle sway.

    • JAK Annihilator Bullpup Kit

      • Decreased bullet velocity from 760m/s to 660m/s (-13%).

  • Bruen Mk9

    • Decreased aim down sight time from 450ms to 410ms (-9%).

    • Increased lower-torso damage multiplier from 1.05x to 1.1x (+5%).

    • Increased movement speed from 3.9m/s to 4.4m/s (+13%).

    • Increased crouch movement speed from 1.6m/s to 2.1m/s (+31%).

    • Increased tactical sprint speed from 6.3m/s to 6.4m/s (+2%).

    • Increased aim down sight movement speed from 1.9m/s to 2.4m/s (+26%).

» Sniper Rifles «

  • XRK Stalker

    • Added new Optic Attachment: XRK Stalker Factory Iron Sight

      • Unlocked via Armory Unlocks.

    • Decreased aim down sight time from 610ms to 580ms (-5%).


    • Decreased aim down sight time from 760ms to 720ms (-5%).

  • SP-X 80 (MWII)

    • Increased aim down sight time from 545ms to 570ms (+5%).

» Handguns «

  • COR-45

    • XRK IP-V2 Conversion Kit

      • Increased bullet velocity from 525m/s to 600m/s (+14%).

  • Renetti

    • JAK Ferocity Carbine Kit

      • Resolved an issue causing specific Attachment combinations to corrupt the Weapon’s appearance.

      • Detailed Stats in the Gunsmith will no longer display an improper Tactical Stance Spread value.

  • 9mm Daemon (MWII)

    • Daemon Hand Rear Grip

      • Added missing Pistol Fastdraw benefit.

» Launchers «

  • Stormender

    • EMP effects will now properly apply to enemies in Free for All Modes.

» Attachments «

  • Hybrid Optics

    • Incompatible Attachments can no longer be equipped on MWII Shotguns.

  • Underbarrel Launchers

    • Addressed an exploit that allowed players to fire unlimited projectiles.

  • JAK Limb Ripper

    • Increased movement speed while revving by 25%.

    • Increased damage range from 1.1m to 1.4m.

    • Increased damage from 36 to 50 (+39%)

    • Players will no longer damage themselves in Free for All Modes.

    • Resolved a compatibility issue with the JAK Raven Kit.


  • Stun Grenade (Tactical)

    • Resolved an issue causing the movement reduction effect to be removed upon sprinting.

  • EMD Grenade (Tactical)

    • Added additional UI elements to better communicate when an enemy is tracked.

    • Tracked enemies will now appear as a constant ping on the minimap.

    • Resolved an issue preventing enemies from being tracked in Free for All Modes.

    • Players can no longer die unexpectedly when an EMD is thrown at vehicles or doors


  • New Features

    • Added the ability to filter Attachments by Subcategories in the Gunsmith.

      • Optics: Hybrid, 4x, Thermal, Sniper Scope, 2.5x, Red Dot, Reflex, & Holo

      • Muzzles: Breachers, Flash Hiders, Suppressors, Comps & Brakes

      • Underbarrels: Hand Stops, Undermounted Weapons, Bipods, Vert Grips, & Angled Grips

    • Added the ability to track up to 5 Challenges to view outside the Challenge menu.

      • Tracked Challenges will appear on the in-game pause menu and lobby.

    • Added a Mark All Read button in the Social notification center

  • Bug Fixes

    • Add to Favorites button will no longer appear for locked Emblems.

    • Calling Cards unlockable only in Modern Warfare II will now state this information in the Customization menu.

    • In Free for All Modes, the local player will no longer appear as an enemy in the kill feed.

    • In Gunfight, placeholder images will no longer briefly appear in the Killcam.

    • Players can now Quick Equip content from the View New Content menu.

    • In Snipers Only Mode, restriction icons are now present for Weapons that aren't Sniper Rifles, allowing players to better discern which Weapons are restricted.

    • Fixed a bug that prevented Weapon Level from displaying in Gunsmith

    • Several inaccuracies with Weapon Attachment descriptions have been resolved.


  • Fixed several Season 2 Weekly Challenges that were not tracking progression properly.

  • Weapons in Semi-Auto fire mode will now properly progress associated Challenges.


  • Scrapyard

    • Refined playable area boundary along the fence near the Helipad.

  • Shipment

    • By popular demand, Shipmas will permanently replace standard Shipment.

  • Vista

    • Set factions to Spetsnaz and Rangers, resolving an issue causing missing announcer voicelines.

  • Dome (MWII Carry-Forward)

    • Added to the pool of available Maps in Quick Play.

  • Operation Tin Man (War)

    • Decreased time to build a laser trap from 4s to 2.5s (-38%).

    • Added a score event upon killing an enemy with a laser trap.

    • At the start of Phase 2, the crate containing the MAW will now automatically open after 60s.

    • Improved interaction with Turrets while using Tap to Interact input option.

    • Players can no longer exit the playable area near the Resting Area using a Deployable Cover.

    • In Private Match, Bots will now properly parachute during the Infil sequence.

    • Refined geometry to improve spawn conditions near the Main Trail.


  • Gun Game

    • Addressed an issue that caused players to become stuck without a Weapon.

  • Headquarters

    • Fixed an issue allowing enemies to capture a contested HQ in Hardcore.

  • Training Course (Private Match)

    • Using a Cruise Missile outside the combat area will no longer halt course progression.

Field Upgrades

  • A.C.S.

    • Improved detection of objective flags near sloped surfaces in Domination Mode.


  • Cluster Mine

    • Resolved a bug that prevented players from deploying the Cluster Mine Killstreak

  • Remote Turret

    • Players with the Tap to Interact option set will no longer become unable to reload their Weapon while a Remote Turret is active.

Ranked Play

Content Restrictions

  • Weapon Restrictions
    • Melee Weapons
      • Soulrender

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed an issue that prevented players from earning SR after completing a match.
  • Addressed an issue that prevented the Top 250 Camo from animating when previewing the reward in-game.

When Does Modern Warfare 3 Get Updated?

We expect Modern Warfare 3 to receive near daily updates during the beta, but when the full game launches, we predict it will be updated every Wednesday at 9 am PT (12 pm ET / 5 pm GMT / 6 pm CET). This is exactly when the last three Call of Duty games were updated each week, and we don't see why the devs would change their workflow. They will occasionally have weeks off when they don't push out an update, for instance on the week of Christmas.

How Can You Check For MW3 Patch Notes In-Game?

You can also check Patch Notes in-game, however this feature is often bugged. If you want to re-check the patch notes from in-game, and if the feature is working, just do the following:

  1. Press ESC/Start from the main menu, and a new menu will pop out on the right side of the screen. Tab across to the Settings section (represented by a cog symbol), you will find "Patch Notes" at the bottom.Modern Warfare 3 III Update Patch Notes - How To Check In Game 1
    This is the menu you need to access to find patch notes. | © Activision
  2. Select the game within the main CoD launcher that you want to see patch notes for. Modern Warfare 3 III Update Patch Notes - How To Check In Game 2
    As you can see, besides MW3 patch notes, you can also check out the latest in Warzone. | © Activision
  3. You can now read through the latest patch notes for the game you selected.
    Modern Warfare 3 III Update Patch Notes - How To Check In Game 3
    This feature isn't always updated, sadly. | © Activision

That was everything you need to know about the Modern Warfare 3 update, we hope you found what you wanted in the patch notes!

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