Warzone & Modern Warfare 3 Playlist Update Today

Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone receive regular playlist updates with new modes. Sometimes these are unique, event-based modes, but more often than not it's one of the featured playlists you will have seen before. Here are the playlists available for you this week in Warzone and MW3.

MW3 playlist update
Here is the Warzone and Modern Warfare 3 playlist update from today. | © Activision

Modern Warfare 3 and Warzoneare both live-service games with massive teams behind them. And for this reason, there will be regular playlist updates each week for both. Each playlist update will give you a host of new and returning modes to play, and they generally do a good job of keeping the game fresh.

So what happened in today's playlist update? And have they given you the modes you love? Let's take a look.

Call of Duty Playlist Update

Modern Warfare 3 Playlist Update (March 7 from 10:00 PT)

Here are the playlists currently available for VNARI to play in Modern Warfare 3:

Playlist Type

Modes / Missions

Ranked Play

Ranked Playlist (CDL Hardpoint, CDL Search and Destroy, CDL Control)


Hardcore Quickplay
Small Map Mosh Pit
Das Haus 24/7


War Mode
12v12 Mosh Pit
War Mode
Cut Throat
Ground War
Zombies MWZ
Operation Deadbolt
Private MatchCreate Private Match
Join Private Match

Warzone Playlist Update (March 7 from 10:00 PT)

Here is the current Warzone playlist:

ModeMapTeam Size
Ranked PlayFortune's KeepTrios
Battle RoyaleUrzikstanSolos, Duos, Quads
ResurgenceFortune's KeepSolos

Urzikstan POI Rotation

Ashika IslandQuads
DMZAl Mazrah, Ashika Island, Building 21, Koschei Complex & VondelTrios

Hopefully you saw what you wanted!

When Can You Expect New Playlist Updates In Warzone & MW3?

Traditionally, Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone will receive new playlist updates every Wednesday at 09:00 PT (12:00 ET / 17:00 GMT), but in recent months they've often delayed this until the same time on Thursday. But these times are often disrupted by new events and seasonal releases, so treat these times as a general rule rather than an exact schedule.

Warzone Modes Explained

Battle Royale

Well...yeah, have you played Warzone? Okay, sorry, I sound like a d*ck. This is the standard Warzone mode, usually you can play it in teams of one, two, three, or four, and the aim is to survive in a slowly shrinking area. You don't have respawns, but you do get one opportunity when you die to fight in the gulag, and if you win your fight you can redeploy to the map. Otherwise, one of your teammates can pay for you to respawn at a buy station (if they're still alive).


Resurgence is usually played on a smaller map and meant to be way more aggressive. The main difference to Battle Royale is that players can respawn as long as at least one of their squad mates is still alive. The respawn timer will increase with every death and every closing circle, and the last team standing wins.

And there you have it folks, that was your update on all the modes available to play this week. Was it the playlist update you wanted? Or are you still enjoying the campaign?

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